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Roaming the Periphery

Evening fellow music fans. This week, to make up for my absence, I have a double-whammy band of the week feature.


I present to you, the intense, psychotropic audiovisual brainmash that is: Darsombra. Over at The Sleeping Shaman, I recently reviewed ‘Climax Community’, their latest record out now on Exile on Mainstream Records

“With a unique sonic blueprint that is equal parts experimental, psychedelia, krautrock and drone, Darsombra achieve the sheer transcendence and intensity that most drone acts can only dream of with an enviable effortlessness. Though Darsombra as an entity is an audiovisual collaboration with visual artist Ann Everton, the music itself is entirely the work of grizzled axeman Brian Daniloski (of Maryland sludge vagabonds Meatjack).

‘Climax Community’ marks the project’s third full-length, but where previous work has centred on creating more earthen, paranoia-inducing compositions, here Daniloski instead aims skyward, reaching for a celestial warmth, while skilfully implying a myriad of other textures and emotions en route. All this is divided into two REALLY long tracks, punctuated by a four-minute interlude.”

Read more here: The Sleeping Shaman - Darsombra ‘Climax Community’ CD/LP/DD 2012.

The gist is, they are one hell of a good trip. Here’s a taster of Climax Community:


On a slightly different wavelength, fans of Earthless will be familiar with Isaiah Mitchell‘s fluid and often moving guitar work. His latest project takes on a slightly different guise, offering up an eclectic, colourful and driving take on rock’n’roll… Golden Void. Their first full-length isn’t out til’ November, but I have been lucky enough to hear almost all of that record – and I can say with certainty, this is one addictive, heavy beast.



Lead single ‘The Curve’ somehow rides a swell somewhere between Graveyard‘s retro-worship, Liturgy‘s (provocatively clean) razor-sharp tremolo leads, and Mitchell’s previous blues-inspired work (never thought I’d put those in the same sentence…).

Their self-titled first record is due November 12th on Thrill Jockey Records.

All My Devils Are My Own

The denizens of Scandinavia have really doled out the goods over the last decade when it comes to interesting music. From the whacked-out dark jazz rumblings of Virus, to Bjork‘s kaleidoscopic electronica, to the psychedelic doom-folk of Hexvessel – you name a genre, they’re pushing boundaries. So for today I’m gonna leave you with a dose of a fascinating Norwegian lass – Hanne Hukkelberg.

As a teenager she handled vocals for the doom-metal troupe Funeral, but these days she’s making effulgent compositions blending noise, folk and rock into a cacophony all her own. I especially love how she subtly weaves samples of everyday objects into her sonic tapestries. Here’s a taste of her most recent record, Featherbrain, out on Propeller Recordings.

The Tunnel At The End of the Light

While the schizophrenic weather systems of the UK continue to play out their own bizarre interpretation of Summer, the humans are busy…

My current band of the week appears in the guise of Finland’s Hexvessel.

Fronted by Matt McNerney (a.k.a. Kvohst) of the extreme metal bands Code and Dødheimsgard, the troupe’s psychedelic folk is a dark ritual paean to the end of days. Combining McNerney’s surreal lyrics and almost nostalgic vocal delivery with a stellar cast of musical alchemists (also including members of Dark Buddha Rising), Hexvessel are intent on exploring the gloomier and more psychotropic boundaries of electric folk. This is song for the last vestiges of deepest, darkest woodland, where sprites and goblins still lurk in the leaf litter.


Their second record, No Holier Temple, will be released on the 7th September via Svart Records.

Otherwise, this week’s main news comes with an announcement the European Tour of Neurot Recordings‘ newest conspirators, Ides of Gemini

…Not that it’s much of a recent announcement, but the real news is that we at Misanthropy Promotions are incredibly stoked to be involved. Manchester will play host to the ‘dream doom’ trio at The Star & Garter on the 20th September. Here are the details:

Summer ’12 Part 2: Stoners, Sludge and Soap

Part 2!

Rachel and I at Misanthropy Promotions are preparing two gigs in Manchester for October. The first of these will be a bluesy stoner/doom affair featuring our friends Trippy Wicked (and the Cosmic Children of the Knight), as well as Groan and Arke (keep your eyes peeled for the latter’s upcoming EP release). The artwork for this poster is by yours truly:

The second gig is set to be abrasive and sludgy as they come, featuring France’s Valve and London’s Dead Existence co-headlining, with the excellent Bastard of the Skies and Pine Barrens in support. Olivier Cramm‘s brilliant art for Valve’s demo EP is featured on this poster (hey, I only have time for so much, I got lazy). Here it is:

Otherwise, my artist recommendation for today comes from the badlands of Austria. Anja Plaschg creates incredibly dark, brutally emotional music under the guise of Soap&Skin, melding heavy classical piano with electronic flourishes and beats. Her latest album, ‘Narrow’, influenced by the death of her father, channels that darkness into something both bleak and beautiful. To get the best idea of her sound, here is a track from her first record:


Currently listening to a teaser from Ufomammut’s upcoming Oro: Opus Alter. PSYCHEDELIC SPACE DOOM JOY.

New stuff (Summer ’12) Part 1: Retching, reviews and riffs!

Well, I was gonna try and avoid going off about how I haven’t posted for ages…damn. I’m gonna make a poor excuse and put part of that down to having food poisoning last week. Let’s just say there was projectile vomiting.

Anyway, let’s get to it! I actually have so much to talk about I’m going to have to split this post into three to keep you from dying of boredom, so here’s Part 1…


Firstly, I recently reviewed The Angelic Process‘ stunning re-issue Coma Waering for The Sleeping Shaman. You can find the review here. Also, huge love to the Roadburn Festival boys Walter and Jurgen for picking it up as album of the day again.

Secondly, my third-ever gig (at the Roadhouse, Manchester) went pretty well. I still have to get used to hearing my voice through stage monitors, but that’ll come in time. Kudos to my mate Vi for recording a video of ‘Arc’, a track I’ll be recording for the upcoming EP at some stage. Here it is:

I’ve also been invited to play the From Nothing all-dayer in Manchester on Sept 16th, featuring loads of drone, doom, ambient and psychedelic music. I’m excited, that’s my name on a poster!

Other than that, I gotta say. I caught Baroness recently, and they are still one of the best live bands I have ever seen. John Baizley is an absolute hero. The new material will tick a lot of people off, but it still seared in a live setting.

Keep tuned in for Parts 2 & 3 later in the week, including Misanthropy Promotions news and more bands to check out!


Currently listening to: Taurus…duo featuring Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle. Cheers to MeatMeadMetal for putting me onto this!

Time and Distance

Hello all,

Been a while since I last posted, I know! Basically, the long and short is that life is currently chaos – I finished my university exams, and have since been applying for jobs left, right and centre. In the last month I have played the first gig for the Ríoch Temporal moniker. I actually have the second tomorrow evening (so anyone in Manchester, UK reading this, get thee to the Roadhouse for 8pm).

Either way, nice to see some traffic even in my absence! I promise I’ll get the ball rolling again as soon as I sort my life out. For now, here are two electronic artists you might want to check out.

1) People In Jars

Marrying atmospheric post-rock and electronics to a voice of social conscience, politically-charged Leeds ruffians People In Jars build their songs from the ground up, in shifting peaks and troughs of layers. Here’s a great live session, followed after by a powerful track from Brighton’s Stuart Warwick.


2) From The Kites of San Quentin.

A local band I saw recently supporting *Shels. Highly active in the local scene, including involvement in running DIY label This City Is Ours. Stacks of beats, plus tripped-out vocals and constantly warping textures make a potent cocktail of noise. Their new EP ‘Mitochondria’ is now available (pay what you want) from Bandcamp.

GHR Leeming:

Extremely insightful interview with Jesse Sykes, who has collaborated with Sunn O))) and Boris. Some strong thoughts on how music and copyrights relate to the internet. Remember that independent artists need our support to continue making the music we love.

Originally posted on M3 Event:

Jesse Sykes is a singer/songwriter from Seattle, widely known for the beautiful, folk-tinged songs she creates with her band, the Sweet Hereafter, and for ‘The Sinking Belle’, her haunting contribution to Sunn O))) and Boris’s collaborative album, Altar. M3 spoke to Jesse about why copyright still matters, the makings of a good album and why the internet and progress may not necessarily go hand in hand…

View original 3,267 more words


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